me riding my koenigsegg
Yeah – that’s me driving my imaginative dream car Koenigsegg Agera R!


Spent really long time to make my bio sound good. Not sure if I made it. Probably gonna change it several times soon. 😛 But here’s some stuff about me:

I’m on a road trip to creating my own life. Though I really don’t know where I’m gonna end up I have some ideas about where I might be in couple of months. But in reality – life will show and adjust my path.

…holy crap, I just realised it’s almost 3 moths since I left my company and job. I don’t have nor home nor work right now. So basically homeless dude on the road 😛 …

I’m in a phase of trying to figure out my way around this life. But there is this one thing I know for sure, hitting the road for a while to unknown has been on my bucket list for really long time. Different destinations, awesome destinations, crazy (ad)ventures and new stuff to learn and see. (Secretly, my bucket list is actually pretty long and needs to get a checked mark on each line. Without travelling there’s no way to get the checks 🙂 )

Besides travelling and checking my bucket list I’m into: entrepreneurship, leadership, personal coaching, innovation, high-tech, marketing, all kind of outdoor sports, cars and bikes.

I decided to start this blog to write about my ventures, challenges, and travels. I want to share what I explore and learn during my trips & to inspire people to choose their very own path and start living their own dreams. I believe, only time to start doing it is NOW. It always has and always will be, NOW.

If there is anything you want to tell me just write a comment anywhere in my blog or send a FB message.

– Sotogrande, Spain –