Back in Tallinn

Chillin’ out at my fave. coffee shop in the area right now! Great coffee and tasty cakes. It’s always hard to resist to their cakes. Keit is so naturally good at this that, I’m just happy she started the shop with here friends. Renard Coffee Shop.

So in Barcelone met up some friends and checked out local coffee places. The scene has been growing little by little there too. Most of the time I just chilled around and visited the coffeeplaces. Nothing much else.

Then flew to Paris for 2,5 days. Again, met some friends and just chilled around. No big tourist attractions. More like local chillin’ out. A cool thing I got to experience is that on Sundays they close the road on the North coast of Seine river for the cars and open it for cyclists, skaters, walkers and runners. We took bikes and rode the way. It’s always cool to get your feet on the ground where most probably you’ll never gonna get it. Different perspective. Different angel. Different feel.

Now I’m back in my hometown and feelin’ sick. Yeah, throat hurts, head is thick, nose drips and tonnes of sneezing. It’s like “yeah – thanks Tallinn!” Come yeah back to home. probably gonna spend soon some sick days at home.

Didn’t manage to get a flight to the UK. Was deciding on tickets two days for too long. Then they skyrocketed. I guess I have to chill out and take some time for my self now. But anyways I’ll be checking out and planning my further trips.

See you there!

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Blogging about my travels, (ad)ventures and life in general. Hope to inspire people to start choosing their own life instead of living someone else dreams.

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