It’s time to move on.

I had this crazy idea about cycling Portugal. Unfortunately, because of some reasons and inability to be patient enough, I decided not to do it now. Kind of, feeling, like I failed my self. But though, it’s not that big of a failure as I can always come back to it and do the ride. I even started training for the ride. I started with cycling 40km a day. I added each day 10km and reached 80km a day. The “local” Lithuanian dude was borrowing his bike with the tripping bags on the side. It was a first time in my life doing this kind of a rides “knowing” I’m gonna hit the long distance road. I have never really seen my self riding a bike like that. But now I somehow liked the idea. As there are some similarities with walking long distances on your own, alone with your self and your mind. On my last ride which was yesterday I discovered some pretty cool stuff started happening in my head again. I fell in love with my mind. (Although the very same brain gets really fucked up if it stays on leisure for too long – that’s one thing I discovered – so no chill-grill for me more than a week or two) I love when my mind starts produce ideas and create these paths of how to get the ideas into reality. Everything becomes clear. It just somehow becomes idea generator in super fast rhythm. And the best part of it is that I suddenly get excited about all the ideas.

So now I’m here and made a choice to move on. I feel it’s been enough of time in South of Spain. I feel like my mind is getting foggier and that creates uncertainty and inner panic.  And it’s like becoming dependable on others as I live at their place right now. Not the most enjoyable state of mind.

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving to Barcelona. Just gonna meet some coffee people and definitely going to visit Satans Coffee Corner! Maybe I’ll be lucky to get my hands on coffee things and have some tasting session.

For the weekend I’ll fly to Paris and meet one cool dude, Daniel. I met him last time I was in Paris. We somehow clicked too easily on chat. And Jessie, I’ll meet Jessie too. We’ll have a beer and chill-chitchat. Then I’ll get on the play for Estonia. Maybe for one or two days max. As I want to get to North England for a week before getting back to Baltics. Though I have no tickets booked yet for the UK.

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Blogging about my travels, (ad)ventures and life in general. Hope to inspire people to start choosing their own life instead of living someone else dreams.

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