Camino de Santiago – 780km in 26 days.

Hey again. Gonna make a post about my distance, path and time it took me to walk all the walk.

Camino de Santiago (Camino Francés) starts from a small town in France, Sait Jean Pied de Port. It’s just over Pyrenees close to the Spanish border in the North.

Santiago de Compostella is a finish line of the walk and is 780km away from Sait Jean Pied de Port.

At the French town, I was given a “map” for the walk which had a listing of small towns on the way with distances between each that town. So it would be easier for  walkers to plan their daily distances and routes. According to this “map-planner”, the trip should be 34 days long. Well, most of the people didn’t follow the pre-planned distances anyway. Sometimes it was way cooler to stay at some small or micro villages on the way. Here is how’s the map looks like:


You can see the altitude and terrane change here too. Pretty cool, eh? 🙂

I did my 779,6km (according to the maps I used for distance calculations) in 26 days and in 174:06 hours of being on the road. Haa, 😀 it seems like it is possible to do the route in 7 days – if you walk for the 1 week all the time without any sleep nor rest.

I was keeping a detailed “journal” of my walking distance and time. But here you can see bit simplified version of it. You can see how my distances and walking times were changing from day to day. Most of the time I was walking straight all the way. Maybe having a couple of 10 min. rest stops. Later on in the walk I started to do bit more stops to let the feet rest.

Day1: May 13. 2016
6:55 start from St. J.P.Port
18:09 – Zubiri 48,2

Day2: May 14
(19,3km/4:40h) 67,5km/15:54h
8:50 start from Zubiri
13:30 Pamplona 19,3

Day3: May 15
(32,3km/6:55h) 99,8km/22:49h
7:08 – start from Pamplona
14:03 Cirauqui 32,3

Day4: May 16
(36,7km/6:53) 136,5km/29:42h
7:00 start from Cirauqui
13:53 Los Arcos 36,7

Day5: May 17
(41,6km/8:02h) 178,1km/37:44h
6:48 start from Los Arcos
14:50 Navarrete 41,6

Day6: May 18
(22,8km/4:31h) 200,9km/42:15h
7:10 start from Navarrete
11:41  Azofra 22,8
Achilles got swollen 😦

Day7: May 19
(28,4km/7:23h) 229,3km/49:38h
Gonna take it easy today.
6:47 Leaving Azofra
14:10 Viloria de Rioja 28,4

Day8: May 20
(20,3Km/4:55h) 249,6 km/54:33h
8:00 leaving Viloria de Rioja
12:55 Villafranca Montes de Oca 20,3

Day9: May 21
(25,5Km/5:47h) 275,1km/60:20h
7:40  start from Villafranca
13:27 Cardanela Riopico 25,5

Day10: May 22
(26,4km/5:18h) 301,5km/65:38h
6:42 Start from cardanela
13:00 Rabe de las Calzadas 26,4

Day11: May 23
(28,3km/5:43h) 329,8km/70,21h
6:47 start from Calzadas
12:30 Castrojeriz 28,3

Day12: May 24
(29,7km/7:27h) 359,5km/77:48h
7:33 start from Castrojeriz
15:00 Poblacion de Campos 29,7

Day13: May 25
(33,3km/8:05) 392,8km/85:53h
7:27 leaving Poblacion
15:32 Calzadilla de la Cueza 33,3

Day14: May 26
(28,2km/6:43) 421km/92:36h
7:24 Leaving Calsadilla
14:07 Calzada del Coto 28,2

Day15: May 27
(25,9km/5:55) 446,9km/98:31h
7:37 Leaving Del Coto
13:32 Reliegos 25,9

Day16: May 28
(32,2km/6:49h) 479,1km/105:20h
6:47 Leaving Reliegos
13:36 Virgen del Camino 32,2

Day17: May 29
(27,6km/6:24h) 506,7km/111:44h
6:54 Leaving Virgen del Camino
13:18 Santinanez Valdeiglesias 27,6

Day18: May 30
(38,6km/8:37) 545,3km/120:21h
6:30 Leaving from Santinanez
15:07 Foncebadon 38,6

Day19: May 31
(28,4km/6:15h) 573,7km/126:36h
6:40 Leaving Foncebadon
12:55 Ponferrada 28,4

Day20: June 1
(32,6km/7:55h) 606,3km/134:31h
8:00 Leaving Ponferrada
15:55 Trabadelo 32,6

Day21: June 2
(24,2km/5:54h) 630,5/140:25h
7:21 Leaving Trabadelo
13:15 Hospital da Condesa 24,2

Day22: June 3
(36,5km/7:04h) 667km/147:29h
7:27 Leaving Hospital
14:31 Sarria 36,5

Day23: June 4
(29,0km/7:07h) 696km/154:36h
8:06 Leaving Sarria
15:13 Gonzar 29,0

Day24: June 5
(37,3km/8:32h) 733,3km/163:08h
7:36 Leaving Gonzar
16:08 Boente 5,2

Day25: June 6
(41,8km/9:50h) 775,1km/172:58h
7:40 Leaving Boente
17:30 Monte do Gozo 41,8

Day26: June 7 – The End!
(4,4km/1:08h) 779,6km/174:06h
7:52-9:00 Monte do Gozo to Santiago 4,4

Also made that G-map. The route I was walking. Each spot is a town I spent the night. You can press that dot and I may have some details about each town.


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