Camino de Santiago – Camino Francés

Two weeks ago I finished my walk of 780km. When I started the walk I was kind of in a zero point in my life. I had quit my company and job and had no idea what to do next. Everything seemed lost its meaning and my passion was gone.

I decided to do the Camino de Santiago. I’ve always wanted to do it. Now I was no longer in a limbo of creating my career. I think 11+ years of doing it is quite enough.

I bought plane tickets and headed to Bilbao from where I caught a bus to Saint JeanPied de Port. A small town on a French side of a border of Spain is a place where Camino de Santiago begins. With aching feet and 26 days later I had reached Santiago de Compostela.

The walk made me think a lot about my future and what direction I should take in my life. At some points, I discovered my self in a dialogue with my self. Talking loudly and gesticulating widely and lively with my hands. …wtf I’m doing? I’m weird… After a while, I found having all that loud dialogue again. But then I realised that that wasn’t craziness. It was passion. And I was discussing and sharing and developing my ideas passionately with my self. Well, anyways, weird enough.

Other times I found feeling miserable and unable to handle my life or my self.

I noticed I was coming back to the same ideas and thoughts again and again. And being passionate about them too. It started to make sense. Finally, my thoughts were becoming clear. An only thing left to do was start acting on them.

All these two weeks I have spent now in South of Spain crushing friends place. Well, not just crushing, I have been working towards my ideas too. Fore example, this blog here. I bought WordPress platform and theme. Basically, I have almost never done any web design things. So, I kind of jumped head first into something, (small, but still) I had very little of any understanding. But here it is!

PS: this is the very first post on this blog. I wish my self luck and strength to really keep writing it and that I would be doing it in three or five years too.

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Blogging about my travels, (ad)ventures and life in general. Hope to inspire people to start choosing their own life instead of living someone else dreams.

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